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Institutional Analysis (IA) is the official data reporting unit for the University of Utah and is primarily responsible for submitting reports to Federal and State Educational Authorities. We also provide data in support of national surveys (e.g., U.S. News and World Report, Peterson's Guide to Graduate Studies) at the discretion of the University.

IA will provide available data upon request to University of Utah administration, faculty, and staff. Requests from students and non-university affiliated entities will be honored on a time and resource available basis only.

IA does not have access to all data elements and thus may not be able to respond to all requests. If we do not have access to the data we will respond accordingly. IA typically does not release information about individuals (e.g., rosters, contact information, demographics). Please contact the appropriate office (Human Resources, Registrar, etc.) for lists or rosters.

IA hosts commonly requested data online. For a description of these data elements and links to the actual data, please review our IA ONLINE DATA RESOURCES webpage.

Currently, information requests are completed in a 4-5 week period, depending on the nature of the request. Please plan accordingly and submit your request with this time frame in mind. Please refer to our Data Timeline to see when certain elements (grades, enrollment, degrees, etc.) are available as this is the most common reason why we are unable to complete a request in this timeframe.

If you are a University Office, Department or College needing assistance completing items for a form or survey, please provide a complete copy of the form or survey and any relevant instructions or definitions with your request. Please also include a deadline date that you need the data for review (e.g., not the survey deadline).

If you need to fax IA any information or a survey our fax number is 801-581-7541.

Prior to submitting any requests, review our summary of IA ONLINE DATA RESOURCES.

NOTE: IA does NOT provide unit record data (e.g., we do not provide lists of students or faculty, student or faculty identifying information, or contact information information for faculty or students.

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